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Rail and Bus Facilities
Northern Area Freight Railroad Relocation, CA
Designed public and private utility relocations along 10 miles of UPRR segment, including replacement of various pipelines.
Guadalupe Corridor LRT Project, San Jose, CA
As part of VTA LRT system in Santa Clara County, designed two multi-modal transit centers and park and ride facilities.
Tasman East LRT Project
San Jose, CA
Designed track alignment for special trackwork.
SVRT Line Segment and Yard & Shop Facility, CA
As part of civil engineering Project Team, designed public and private Utility Relocations and subdrainage system.
San Jose To Gilroy Caltrain Extension, CA
Project included five bus/ Caltrain transit centers and park and ride facilities.
BART-SFO Airport Extension
San Francisco, CA
Prepared three traffic circulation analysis reports for BART Stations and a Traffic Handling Plan Report for 8-mile BART line construction.
BART Advanced Automated Train Control System, Oakland, CA
As part of a larger Project Team, developed Phases I, II and III of BART AATC system using radio communication network.
Tasman West LRT Project
San Jose, CA
Prepared traffic control and detour plans for major roadway crossings and expressways during construction of all LRT signalling equipment.